Motorsport is a high pressure industry that demands the highest levels of precision engineering, with components often required in rapid timeframes.

Mikina Engineering has experience working directly with motorsport teams and third-party component suppliers, supplying precision engineered component parts and assemblies. Our high-specification, diverse range of Mazak and Bridgeport CNC mills and lathes offer industry-leading machining capabilities, complemented by the latest coordinate measuring and inspection equipment to ensure high levels of accuracy, efficiency, quality and reliability.

We have the capability to produce large production runs, small batches or 1-off prototypes in rapid timeframes, are experienced working with with titanium, high specification aluminium, magnesium, PEEK, composites and exotic alloys, and can complete a wide range of surface treatments and finishes.

Our CAD/CAM systems allow us to input your CAD data and models directly into our systems, reducing lead times and ensuring the part you require is built to the exact specification you require.

Uniquely, Mikina Engineering also offers a comprehensive in-house 3D CAD (Solidworks) design service for teams looking to complement their existing in-house design resources. Our engineers are extremely experienced in the design of complex components and assemblies within the motorsport industry, capable of problem-solving, prototyping and full design-to-manufacture. With both design and manufacture capabilities on-site, we are able to design and supply new component parts often in shorter timeframes than can typically be achieved using your own internal design resources.

Components and assemblies that we supply typically include:

  • Hydraulics
  • Gearbox components and selector forks
  • Suspension components
  • High temperature brake components
  • Exhaust systems
  • Engine blocks and heads
  • Mechanical struts and fasteners
  • Electronics enclosures

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